Dian L. Sopranuk

Creative Director and Founder

Creative Director, Fashion Designer. Working to enlighten, empower, and educate the public on the issues with factory farming. Her goal is to help end the suffering of all animals, domestic and farm. Dian has been working as an Animal Activist for over 30 years being a Voice for Domestic and Farm Animals and will continue to make it her life’s work.


Lalena Gieser

Web & Graphic Designer

Lalena, a vegan since 2004, wouldn’t really call herself an animal lover as much as someone who simply doesn’t want creatures — human or not — to suffer or be exploited unnecessarily. Professionally, she enthusiastically designs websites and graphics. In her personal life, she likes partaking in beginner music and video-making, exploring, trying to make time to do more for animals, and last but not least, indulging in chocolate chip cookies.