Support Animal Treatment

Support Animal Treatment

Are you against “Animal Cruelty”? Here is a simple way to show it

Animal cruelty shows itself in many forms from the domesticated to the farm animals.

We read about it or see horrific photos everyday.

Perhaps your way of supporting humane treatment is giving of yourself, your time in some way assisting, aiding, donating, sharing, educating or simply by acts of kindness.

Perhaps you have chosen the path of becoming a Vegan or Vegetarian.

Whatever path you have chosen to help the animals is a good path and a path that will lead us into a new reality. A reality that is needed, a reality that requires change.

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California FEATURED BUSINESS: The Humane Project.

Before starting The Humane Project, Dian Sopranuk primarily focused her efforts on helping domestic animals. She sat on the board of directors for The Neighborhood Animal Group in Silver Lake, California, and volunteered at local animal shelters.Inspired by these experiences,Dian created her own shelter, housing dogs and cats found on the streets of Los Angeles. She provided these lost animals with food, shelter, and veterinary care. Dian also donated funds to local residents of Echo Park and Silver Lake, covering spaying,neutering, and other various procedure costs for various neighborhood animals

Moved to take further action as an animal rights activist, Dian began investigating the horrors that animals suffer on factory farms. She researched the pain and suffering animals go through to produce milk, cheese, and clothing. Shortly thereafter, Dian chose to adopt a vegan lifestyle, consciously deciding to stop contributing to the pain and suffering of all animals

However, for Dian, veganism was nowhere near enough. Dian decided to combine her dueling passions; animal activism and fashion design, birthing The Humane Project. Dian has 25 years experience in the fashion industry.She owned and operated her own retail store, Design Clothes, in Burbank, California, and also designed and manufactured her own clothing line sold in her Los Angeles retail space.She has designed clothes for Beyoncé and other entertainment industry professionals.

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The Humane Project clothing designs enliven the vegan lifestyle message

(left to right) Mami Speede, Kristi Huizenga, Claire Barnhart

August 10, 2014

Everything we do in life is a reflection of who we are as a person, from our inner self to our outward actions. How we treat ourselves, other people, animals, and the environment paints a vivid portrait of our personality. Our activities, likes and dislikes, and even the clothes we wear make a statement about us as individuals.

As children, we have no control over the situation and culture in which we are raised. Many people fall victim to their circumstances and accept the way of life we are exposed to and taught. Others take control and rebel. Rebellion may manifest for either the bad, which brings harm, or the good, which brings harmony.

Dian Sopranuk grew up in a rural area near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With woods all around, the hunting culture was visibly prevalent. Dead deer roped to the top of a car was a commonplace sight. “I always felt out of place in my hometown,” Dian says, “and was repulsed by the barbarity.”

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