We can all admit that factory farms’ horrendous animal breeding practices promote unnecessary cruelty for capitalist gains. However, to flourish, capitalism relies on consumer purchases. If we as consumers band together in support of changing these practices, our voices can spark the change we wish to see. Here are a few ways in which we as consumers can help better factory farm animals’ lives.

Live Vegan: A vegan diet consists of consuming no land or sea animal products of any kind so as not to contribute monetarily to any animal cruelty. Switching your monetary support to animal-less products, though a seemingly small act, makes you a cog in the bigger machine fighting for humane animal treatment. Do you want to kick your support up a notch? Try refraining for purchasing any sort of animal products whatsoever including leather, furs, certain toiletries, and so on to expand you support of vegan-minded companies.

Support Humane Causes: Vegan product companies are not the only supporters of humane animal treatment. Volunteering your time or donating money to companies vying for animal rights is also a great way to contribute your efforts to the cause. For example, here at Humane Project, we offer stylish t-shirts whose proceeds go directly to combating animal cruelty. Wear one today to help spread the word!