Cows: Used for both meat and dairyfarming, factory farmed cows receive a variety of different brutalityfashions depending on their lot in life.

Factory farmers typically allow cows raised for meat a life led outdoors, however, the land on which they graze is typically left piled high with these cows’ own waste. Factory farmers generally castrate meat-producing cows sans painkillers early on in life, and feed them quite unnatural diets, leading to wide spread digestive discomfort. After this life of little luxury, factory farmers typically slaughter cows, naturally meant to lead lives spanning around 25 years, at just three years old.

Dairy cows lead an even glummer life. Cows in general are natural outdoor grazers. Their hooves are best served by standing on the soft earth, and their bodies, best nourished slowly feasting on grass and other cud throughout the day. However, factory farmers generally raise dairy cows indoors, typically in concrete floored rooms with limited access to sunlight. Not only do these unfavorable conditions strip animals of any inkling of their natural habitat, but the stiff flooring can also cause hoof inflammation and walking impairment. These close confines provide ample accessibility for mass bacteria infiltration, leading many cows to develop painful infections.

Similarly to humans, cows only produce milk when they have babies to nurse. Therefore, dairy farmers typically artificially inseminate dairy cows at least once a year and quickly separate the resulting birthed calf away from its mother directly after birth, all so these cows can continuously produce milk. They have it down to quite a science.