The Humane Project

The Humane Project’s goal is to educate the masses about animal suffering through fashion. Our shirts share messages to start a dialog and further animal protection. Humane Project hopes to empower others to spread the word and help change animal protection laws.

Contact Info

Phone: 1-702-742-2039


Stephanie Braganza of Chains of Silence

Stephanie Braganza of Chains of Silence Video
Check it out on youtube PLEASE !
We were honored that she wore a Humane Project shirt at Taste Of The Danforth.

Photos by Jairo Lop3z Photography 

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share the love SoCal VegFest

Don’t forget to check out our booth at SoCal VegFest

Lets embrace compassion with our vegan fashion. Come check out new vegan inspired gear; fashion women clothing and stylish T’s for men. Help us speak up for animals and deliver the Vegan message with our new line.


Rock our new fashion tops in a selfie and send […]

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Lets Go Vegan it Easy as 1 2 3

If you love animals, care deeply about their welfare, and you’re not already vegan, you probably, at some point, have given some consideration to supporting the greater cause of advocating for animals and no longer consuming products from their bodies. There are many benefits to veganism– the major ones being saving the lives of […]

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Have You Ever Thought About Adopting A Senior Pet ?



An incredibly simple, but positive, way to make a lasting impact on a dog’s life is to adopt a senior. To
do so isn’t conventional wisdom as typically those seeking to adopt a dog will automatically assume they
are in the market for a younger one. But why be conventional? Senior dogs aren’t adopted […]

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Vegan Holiday

One of my all time Favorite treats around the Holidays is Gardein Holiday Roast, A delectable taste of cranberry wild rice stuffing with homestyle gravy that can serve up to 8 people!
Yummy so Good it is easy to make and can be found at your local organic markets such as Sprouts and Trader Joes.
Send […]

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Get Your Tickets to Vegan Oktoberfest in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Vegan Oktoberfest
Last week we told you how to have your own Vegan Oktoberfest full of tasty foods and cold beer, but let’s face it, not all of us have the space, time or energy to throw a soiree. If you’re me and you live in a box with a bathroom and two […]

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How to Throw Your Own Vegan Oktoberfest

Vegan Oktoberfest > Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest is the celebration of beer and fun, usually filled with hearty foods like sausages, and of course, plenty of beer. Now, vegans may find themselves in trouble in Germany’s traditional Oktoberfest, or even an Oktoberfest thrown in the United States when it comes to food and drink. That doesn’t mean you […]

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You Won’t Believe These Celebrities Went Vegan

Show me the vegans! Get a load of these surprising new vegans
More and more people are going vegan every day, and as the numbers grow, it removes the stigma that vegans are only a certain type of people. There really is no blue print for vegans other than their desire to live a life […]

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Humane Project Clothing Now Available at Organix in Eagle Rock!

Organix Neighborhood Market and Deli
We’re happy to announce a new partnership with Organix in Eagle Rock (Los Angeles area)! Now you’ll be able to find some of our select designs in their store. We’re extremely excited to have our garments available at such an amazing store that we’ve been big fans of for a […]

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This Cecil the Lion Cartoon Will Make You Rethink What You Eat

Our very own Joe Cabello made this cartoon for us!

With the recent murder of Cecil the Lion by a Minnesota dentist, people were justifiably outraged. But why does the killing of one lion stir so many emotions, yet our factory farming system doesn’t? I think it’s because it’s much easier to digest this isolated, […]

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