Show me the vegans! Get a load of these surprising new vegans

More and more people are going vegan every day, and as the numbers grow, it removes the stigma that vegans are only a certain type of people. There really is no blue print for vegans other than their desire to live a life that doesn’t rely on abusive treatment of animals. All shapes, sizes, and lifestyles are welcome, and thrive in the vegan community.

As influencers, t’s always great when a celebrity joins the crusade, setting a great example to their fans, and spreading the word even more. What’s even more exciting is when someone completely unexpected joins our crew. Here are some surprising celebrities who recently became vegan.

Mark Hunt

Mark Hunt

Heavyweight UFC fighter Mark Hunt recently decided to go vegan after watching a video on animal cruelty. He could stomach giving and taking a punch, but couldn’t stomach the treatment he saw in that video. At 265lbs with legs like tree trunks, and a grueling training regiment, Mark Hunt sets the perfect example of how you can compete at the top level of athletics and still be vegan.

Samuel L. Jackson


His wallet says “Bad Motherf*****” on it, but his diet says “no animals, please.” This noted actor joked that he became a vegan so he could live forever and do one million more Avengers movies. Ok, so maybe not that second part, but he has been quoted that he’s made the decision for his health. I’m happy with that, especially if it means we get more Sam Jackson movies!



Former singer of The Smiths and longtime vegetarian and animal rights activist, Morrissey recently announced he has gone vegan. I was honestly surprised he wasn’t one already, but at least he’s been fighting the good fight for animal rights for a longtime. We’re glad to have him on the team.


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