Vegan Youtube Channels

I went on a search to find some of the best vegan Youtube channels, but I didn’t want to find just any channels. I wanted to find some with unique perspectives that could fit  styles outside of the normal vegan stereotype.

With vegans making a truly diverse community, I definitely found some! Here are some Vegan Youtube channels for everyone. And I mean EVERYONE.


The Vegan Corner

This recipe-based Youtube channel has so many recipes you’ll have your dinners covered for quite a while. With a great production value and a focus on inexpensive, easy-to-make meals, you’ll definitely want to subscribe for your next meal idea. This channel is perfect for someone with a straightforward, no nonsense style.

the vegan corner humane project


 Vegan Gains

Proving that vegans can be ripped too, Vegan Gains, has a great mix of videos giving health and fitness tips, as well as lifestyle videos. Learn how to get buff and be a c0nscientious eater.


Vegan Zombie

This Youtube Channel is a vegan cooking show set in the zombie apocalypse. Somebody get these guys on TV! This channel is entertaining and serves up some great recipes.

vegan zombie

Vegan Black Metal Chef

It just warms my heart to see a black metal vegan. Whether you like the music or not, you have to admit that’s pretty cool.

Know of any cool vegan Youtube channels we should feature? Tell us in the comment section.

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