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Oktoberfest is the celebration of beer and fun, usually filled with hearty foods like sausages, and of course, plenty of beer. Now, vegans may find themselves in trouble in Germany’s traditional Oktoberfest, or even an Oktoberfest thrown in the United States when it comes to food and drink. That doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own and throw your own vegan Oktoberfest. Who doesn’t like a party anyway, right?

Here are your essentials for throwing an amazing vegan Oktoberfest.


The one thing you can’t forget is the beer, and luckily vegans have  ton of options for vegan beer whether they’re from craft breweries or your favorite major label. I’ve found two awesome resources for you to use to make sure your favorite brew is vegan friendly, or if you want to get adventurous and try some new beers, I’d definitley suggest that.

Barnivore has a comprehensive list of Vegan beers, searchable by area and name.

Peta has a great list as well.

Between those two lists, you should be able to load up with some great brews. A great way to make an impression with your guests is to stock up on several types and hold a little beer tasting, or set up several beer stations. We are trying to compete with this, after all.


And don’t forget to serve the beers in a giant mug or else it doesn’t count!

beer mug


This is where you may start to think things get a little tricky, but fear not. We have you covered. The traditional foods served at Oktoberfest are warm soft pretzels, apple strudel, and of course, sausage. Luckily I’ve found some tasty vegan equivalents.

Vegan Soft Warm Pretzel via
Vegan Bratwurst from

Vegan Apple Strudel from

Feel free to add any of your other vegan food favorites as well. The more food the better if you ask me!

Cute outfit

Not all of us can pull off lederhosen, and to be honest, this is one place you may want to break the typical Oktoberfest mold (nothing against lederhosen!) Put together a cute outfit of vegan materials, just like we have here in our store. Whether you’re looking for something super stylish, or a cute, relaxed tee with a vegan message.

Browse our selection of vegan fashions. Every item sold gives $2 to help animals in need.

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