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Hello, this is Joe from Human Project, and today I wanted to answer a question we get a lot.


We all know the stereotype. It’s the vegan who is always talking bout being vegan and always pushing it on their friend, and I get it. We want to convert everyone to veganism. It’s the healthier option and its more humane. We could talk about that all day, but today I want to talk about a little more tactful method for converting your friends to veganism.

We all know the famous adage “the quickest way to someones heart is their stomach,” and I think that’s a great approach to take with veganism. Next time your friends have a party, bring over a delicious vegan dish. Heck, even if they just invite you over, just bring a dish anyway. Everybody loves food!

I think food is a great way to break the vegan ice, so to speak. We have recipes like that all over our site, so check them out.

No one wants to be force fed (no pun intended) what they should believe in and how they should live their life, so i feel this is a great option to open the doors to start talking about these things with your friends, and hopefully convert them to veganism.

The main point is that different people are going to respond to different things. You know your friends better than anyone else. This is a great tactic to use on somebody who isn’t ready to hear about the harsh truth about our food system.

While you’re at it, why not throw your own party? Serve all vegan food, and here’s the trick: don’t tell anybody its all vegan. See if they can guess!

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