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Recently one of our team members, Joe Cabello, was having some pretty bad digestive problems that made him completely overhaul his diet. Despite the overhaul, he was still having stomach pains, gas, and horrible heart burn. We knew there had to be someone facing the same issues as Joe, so we scoured the net and didn’t take long to find this amazing post from, where writer Angela Liddon recounts her own digestive problems and shares an incredible recipe for a Happy Digestion Smoothie:

My digestion has been a bit out of whack over the past few months. Actually, I’m feeling a bit out of whack as a whole. Maybe I was naïve, but I really didn’t anticipate the postpartum phase to be so challenging, on many different levels. The pregnancy seems to get the most attention while the period after having a baby seems to be all about getting back to your old self as soon as possible. At least in the media. I guess I expected that for myself too, but it’s not my personal reality nor is it for many other new moms I’ve talked to. We’re almost 5 months in and I still don’t feel like I have it together. I mostly blame the overnight waking hours and sugar cravings (the cravings result from lack of sleep – it’s a vicious cycle), but it’s everything really. 

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Ok, so Joe didn’t have a baby, but he was no stranger to late night sugar cravings! I brought him this recipe and after drinking it for a few days he was feeling much better!

Thank you, Angela, from all the team!

Get the full recipe here.

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