Vegan Instragrammers!

It’s great to know that Instragram is more than just silly memes and selfies! People are using the platform to inspire others with their vegan recipes and lifestyle. These 12 instagrammers are doing a great job of showing the yummy and inspirational sides of being a vegan!

Yvonne Ardestani


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Nom Yourself

nom yourself

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Dana Shultz

Dana Schultz minimalist

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Slow Club Cookery


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Steph Yu


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Belle Gibson

healing belle

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Pure Vegan Food


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Sweet Simple Vegan


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Kai Nora


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Plant Based Pixie


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Whole Food Bites


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Allisyn Arm


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And of course our wonderful spokeswoman, Allisyn Arm wearing our Adopt Don’t Shop crop top!

Humane Project


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Get the Adopt Don't Shop Crop Top today! $2 goes to local animal charities.
Get the Adopt Don’t Shop Crop Top today! $2 goes to local animal charities.

Do you have a favorite vegan instagrammer? Or are you one? Comment in the comment section!